Uncategorized · August 20, 2009

Puasa (Ramadan) and Running

Been looking for ways to continue training during the fasting month.

As fasting is in the daytime, options are to run in the evenings, to run at night or to run indoors…

Running indoors i.e. a gym means competing with the other users for treadmills…experience says that this is not a viable option. Have been to the gym at night and had to queue to use the treadmills. The waiting can wreak havoc on your preparation..warm ups etc. Furthermore, if the gym is packed, you can only use the treadmill for 30 min.

Run in the evenings..this is an option i probably will try for the first week and then see how it goes. The plan is to maybe run 2 or 3 KM before break of fast, drink water or isotonic beverages and a banana..then continue for the balance of the run, hydrating as I go. Worry is that if i don;t eat a balanced and wholesome diet, i might be causing damage to my body as it gets depleted of nutrients and hydration.

Run at night, best option so far..but have to find a place that is lit and secure for this. Under this option, it is to eat lightly and then go for the run. Eat to recover after the run. Hate running on the side of the road coz of pollution and arsehole drivers. Might try this if evening runs don;t work.

Surfing the net coughed up one more option. Choose between Fasting and Running. Since Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, that would mean no running for the next month….this would also mean that i need to start the whole program again…fat chance…

Will stick to evening run or night run. Anyone have a better idea?