Uncategorized · August 25, 2009

1st Long Run during Puasa

Sunday was my 1st long run of this year’s puasa.

11KM. Not a distance that i was daunted with after finishing the 10KM strongly last week.

Got to the track at around 5:50 pm (break fast was at 6:28), and projected about 4 rounds or 4KM before i can break. Started running and tried to reduce speed but was doing about 7:20 or less for the 1st 4 KM.

That is great speed work and great improvement in stamina as well. The 5th Km came in just a few minutes shy of the break time so i continued to run it. So completed 5Km before break fast.

So far so good. Wife had the bananas and drinks ready.

Sipped some water and isotonic drink and had two small bananas. Then hit the track after 2 minutes rest. Suddenly the body was not responding as before. Legs were sluggish and the body felt heavy.

I thought that it would take a few more minutes before the food and water kicked in but…surprise surprise, it never did. My next 6 KM was torture.

Nearly quit going into KM 8 but remembered that i could opt for walk/run and started walking instead. Got my second wind and third wind but did not last.

In the end i added on 20 minutes from the 10 KM time of 1:18. I finished the 11KM at 1:38…average was 9 min or so a KM.

I am trying to take it slow for puasa but 2 min per KM was a bit too slow.

Muscles ached badly but managed to get back some carbs through spaghetti at Litlle Italy.

Gonna try the schedule again..i.e run before break and then continue. If it is too much again, will revert to night runs for the duration of puasa.