Life · November 20, 2023

Gyoza skills

One thing I learned and appreciate about Gyoza is although a simple dish, it can be a test of one’s cooking skills.

Being able to make a filling that can convey a flavorful bite after being wrapped in guoza skin and fried is one test.

The other test is in the frying of it. I’ve seen people just dump the gyoza in and fry it like a piece of meat. I mean they fry one side and flip not over to fry the other side when it has turned brown.

The right way to fry a gyoza is just to fry it on one side. One side browns and gets crispy. And if done well, even by browning just one side, the inside filling should have cooked through.

When you do this, the gyoza looks white and fresh when served and when bit into, the brown part gives a crispy bite to it.

So this simple dish actually tests your filling creatin skill, the skill of maintaining proper balance between amount of filling and skin and your frying skill.

There is nothing simple about gyoza. Remember this when next time you bite into one and get the juicy filling and crispy side in your bite.