Uncategorized · January 5, 2010

Difference between tired and injured leg

Today i got back on to the running track.

After slightly more than a month of a scheduled break from running, i started to run again today.

Today i also learnt the difference between a tired leg and an injured leg.

My right knee has been giving me trouble since my dengue bout in Singapore. Although the pain has more or less receded, there is still a niggling pain in my right knee. I thought that i was still well enough to run though.. Hence my return to the track.

So what is the difference? A tired leg would be more or less a situation where the leg would do what the mind told it to do, as in pace, candence, stride and then maybe you would feel a strain as the muscles begin to ache.

An injured leg on the other hand does not do what you ask it to. The pain blocks off any instructions given to it and instead your body has to adjust to its demands…

So, since i now can safely say that my leg is injured, i have to find a way to fix it…lesson learnt…