Family / Life / Positive Emotions · February 4, 2024

Manni’s Day out

I wanted to go to the Jesselton Artisan Market this weekend and Hanaa suggested we use that as an outing day for Manni.

Imagining that it would be crowded and too much stimulation for Manni, I was reluctant at first.

However, when i saw how enthusiastic Hanaa was for that experience, I got behind it.

After sending off Aunty Judy at the airport, we stopped by a pet shop to buy a harness. We ended up buying a carry bag, harness, leash and treats.

Hanaa looking at leashes
Puma brand for pets?

Going into a pet shop with a shopping list and coming out with stuff not on the list seems to be the norm these days.

Once we had got what we needed, and a pit stop at home to organize ourselves, we headed to Jesselton Artisan market.

Manni’s in his carry bag. We are ready.
Lady with the cat at JAM
Getting Rosemary herb plant from Irene of Dumowongi
Getting Bambamgan products from Vellary of Oupus
Our cat family Chinese New Year 2024 picture.

Manni was generally easy to handle most of the time and several people wanted to take pictures of him in the bag.

Overheard Hanaa being referred to as “the Lady with the Cat.” Hahaha.

A successful outing with Manni. And Hanaa was very happy.

At home, Manni seemed tired out and had a long rest on Hanaa’s lap in the afternoon.

Many more adventures to come I’m sure since we have the carry bag now.