Uncategorized · August 18, 2009

…it just is…

Some days it just is, i guess. There is no fighting it.

Had a 6 KM tempo run today. Coming on the back of the long 10 KM run on Sunday, i was pretty confident of a good time today.

Although i didn’t feel all there today, recalled that the way you feel before and during a run can be different.

Well today, the way i felt before the run and during the run was practically the same. Ran 2 KM then had to slow down, 3rd KM was much slower than the 1st 2 and had to struggle through the last 3 KM.

What happened to the guy that finished 10 KM in 1:18 min? Guess he was still in bed.

So, i guess there are days when you are really off it and there is no use fighting it or wondering why…it just is. Just don’t let it affect the next run.