Family / Meaning · November 13, 2023

Where the Empurau fish brings us

Finally arranged for the consumption of the 2.5 kg empurau fish that was gifted to us by Robert Goh.

Robert had also suggested to us a restaurant that knew how to cook this expensive and humongous fish.

If you are not familiar with this fish, the Empurau fish is a very sought after and expensive fish. This fish can go for RM 1,000 or about USD 250 per kg. The bigger it gets the tastier and sweeter the flesh.

And it really needs a cook or chef who knows how to cook this fish to handle it. If not, that would be a few thousand ringgit down the drain.

An additional feature of this fish is that the scales can be deep fried and eaten like chips.

As the fish was quite sizable we invited our relatives to partake together with us. It also happened to be a few days before one of our young cousins birthdays. So besides the fish, there was birthday cake as well.

I believe the restaurant name is Hoo Yuan. We made arrangements a few days before the dinner, then delivered the frozen Empurau about 10 in the morning.

When we got to the restaurant, we also ordered some of their signature dishes like curry lamb and fish maw soup.

They steamed the fish well. It is quite difficult to steam a fish of this size as there are fleshy parts and less fleshy parts across the whole fish.

Another thing about this fish is that it’s quite bony. Luckily no one had any issues with the bones that night.

Well thank you again Robert for the fish and the recommendation of where to have it cooked.