Family / lvl10Life / Meaning · September 15, 2023

The Knot

My baby girl got married!!!

Liyana chose September 15th as her wedding date because its in between her maternal grandparents (9/14) and paternal grandparents (9/16) wedding anniversaries.

We couldn’t make it to the exchange of vows and will be celebrating the marriage in a bigger way, next year, here in Malaysia.

There were some hiccups before the solemnization.

Apparently in BC, officers that can perform the solemnization have a geographic area where they can perform their duties. A few days before her marriage, the officer for her area came down with covid.

That started the mad scramble of finding another officer that could perform the marriage solemnization in their area. No such luck but Liyana found another officer from another area and cleared it with City Hall.

Luckily the ceremony could go on as plan.

A quiet ceremony with a handful of people only. And one of Liyanas’ closest friends was stoked to be witness for their wedding.

September 15, 2024 will be a bigger do in Malaysia.

Congrats to Liyana and Mike.