Family / Life · November 17, 2023

Another one leaves the nest

My son, Jan, and his girlfriend, Joan, are taking their next step in couple life.

After staying under our roof from the start of the pandemic, they have decided that it was time to move on in their lives and live on their own.

Although a bit sad at this change, the heavy heart is tempered with the knowledge that this would be a good thing for them.

To live independently. To rely more on each other. To discover their own couple life rhythm.

I remember when Joan first started to stay under our roof. She was visiting Jan when the announcement that there would be a lock down starting on the 18th of March, 2020.

Since we did not know much about the pandemic at that time, she was given a choice. If she chose to go home, then she would not be allowed back until the lifting of the lock down. If she chose to stay, she would be most welcome as we all needed to band together for everyone’s safety and well being.

She decided to stay and since then, it’s been the 4 of us under one roof.

Today onwards, its back to 2 of us in our 3 storey house.

Change is inevitable. There are more clear and immediate benefits for the two of them. Less so for Hanaa and me.

Anyway, good time to move things around in the house and set up new schedules and regimes.

Embracing the 3rd stage of life.

From Jan’s insta chronicling the move.