Uncategorized · August 11, 2009

Anyway it Comes

Today was a 5K Tempo Run. Felt good the night before after running 8K and decided to try and run under 7 min per KM for this run.

Started out too fast. Clocked the first and second KM at 6:20 min per KM which was 10 sec under the program recommended time.

Paid for that moment of recklessness in the next 3 KM. Heart rate pumping, legs refusing to go any faster but through sheer determination, managed to speed up the last 300 m of the 5th KM and clocked the 5km at 34:58:55…ok bah, still under 7 min per KM…i’ll take it anyway it comes.

Lesson learnt: you don’t win marathons by being fast at certain sections, you win marathons by being consistently fast over the whole distance.

Next run 6KM Thursday.