Uncategorized · November 5, 2009

Fear of Injury

I was supposed to run 6KM this morning. Instead i could only complete 3 KM. The side of my legs were starting to hurt and by the time i pulled up at KM 3, i could hardly run.

I did consider pushing myself to complete but decided against it lest i get injured. If i were running a local 1/2 marathon, i might have pushed on, but i am in training for the Singapore Half marathon.

The major difference is that if i get injured before a local race, i only lose my race entry fee. However, in the Singapore marathon’s case, if i get injured and be unable to go to Singapore, i lose more than my race entry fee. I will lose out of flights paid for and the hotel stay which i have already paid.

As such, i decided to protect my financial investment and call it a day at KM 3.