Uncategorized · September 18, 2009

Coconut Water (update)

Saw a TV Interview of the CEO of Zico Coconut Water company.

I was amazed that such an abundant fruit in Malaysia and the surrounding region can be made into a full scale business with a proper marketing plan.

Did some research on it and am even more intrigued.

However, for the purpose of running, Coconut water is supposed to hydrate better than water or other isotonic drinks.

So i grabbed me two coconuts and filled up a 1.5litre PET bottle and did my tempo run on Tuesday.

I must say that i agree with the hydration. Normally after swigging some water, my tummy would feel a bit bloated and fell like it is swaying from side to side. With the coconut water however, there was no such feeling.

With water sometimes i feel as if i have not quenched my thirst. I may have just downed a few gulps of water but the throat feels dry still. With the coconut water, i immedietly felt hydrated. No dry feeling.

Did it help replesnich my salts and help me run better? Well, did not feel that benefit in the tempo run but that could alos be attributed to the fact that i had not run in 5 days and had just come back from outstation where the food and sleeping time was different than normal.

For hydration – a definite thumbs up to coconut water.