Uncategorized · January 9, 2010

Fish Croquette

Earlier in the week, i bought 4 tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel) slices. 2 slices were fried that day and served for dinner. Last night, i thought of doing a Fish Croquette with one of the remaining tenggiri slices.

My mum used to make this when i was 30 years younger. She would coat the croquette with Paxo brand breadcrumbs. Paxo breadcrumbs are colorful, orange, red and some other colors if i remember correctly, unlike the normal breadcrumbs we use now which are plain in color. It was quite a dish when she made it as the colors would stand out and as kids, we would love to eat it more because of the color than the taste.

Anyway, as i could not find Paxo breadcrumbs in my local supermarkets, for this recipe i will make do with normal, plain colored breadcrumbs.

PAXO breadcrumbs would add color


1 Slice of Tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel)
5 Potatoes (adjust according to size and taste. i.e. the bigger the slice, then add more potatoes. however if you really want a fishy smell, then reduce the potatoes)
2 egg
Salt & Pepper


1. Peel potatoes. Quarter. Boil until soft. (For this recipe i prefer the boiled potato to be a bit soft..i.e. when you push a fork through it when seeing if it is soft enough, there should be some resistance)

2. Boil the tenggiri slice. About 4 to 5 minutes in boiling water will do. (depends on thickness of your slice)

3. Take out the potato and mash. Add butter, milk, salt and pepper to taste. (Basically you are making mashed potato, but i recommend less milk than normal)

4. Add the boiled tenggiri into the mashed potato and mash in and mix evenly. Add more salt and pepper.

5. Mold the mashed potato/tenggiri mix into croquettes.

6. Beat the egg in a separate bowl.

7. Dip the egg coated croquette into the breadcrumbs. Make sure you get all the sides as well.

8. Heat a frying pan with oil, then fry until brown.

9. Ready to serve with Tomato Ketchup or on its own.