Uncategorized · September 9, 2009

Not so obvious use of a Training Program

The obvious uses or benefits one can get from a Training Program is of course getting into physical shape to go the distance that the program was designed for.

I am on my second training program. The first program i downloaded was to get me to run 30 minutes non stop over 12 weeks. The current program i am on is to get me through a half marathon in the time of 2:45 or less in 18 weeks.

However, as i follow the instructions in the program, i find that the program also has other benefits and uses beyond that which meets the eye.

Leaving the obvious physical strengthening benefit aside, the others are

1) A training program helps you get experience in running longer distances. Especially important is that as you run the distances, you will also have to handle a myriad of obstacles. Different moods, bad weather, moods. etc. With a training program, one learns how to overcome these problems and when race day comes, one is prepared to handle anything.

2) A training program allows one to test all sorts of race strategies and get comfortable with oneself. Run fast, run slow, push at the end, push in the intermediate, what pace etc are strategies that we can test out during our runs in the program.

3) A training program teaches us that physical strength and endurance alone is not enough. Mental strength and focus is also required. I have had days where i feel fine and can run well but as the mind wanders, the body loses focus and strength. Then one realized that mind body and soul have to cross the finish line together.

4) A training program also allows us to test out which gear works better for what distance. I like to change my shirts for different distances and have found some of my t shirts wick away more sweat and keep my body at a consistent temperature, whereas there are other t shirts that will retain the sweat and add on the weight and cause my body temp to fluctuate depending on whether there is wind or not.

5) A training program helps us converse with ourself. During a run, being able to monitor and check and tweak our body function to achieve optimum performance is important. A training program allows us to develop this communication skill as we run different distances and tune our mind into receiving different signals form different parts of the body and using those signals to adjust our tempo.

A good place to start looking for programs is http://tiny.cc/0MbM4