Uncategorized · January 8, 2010

New Fuel Pricing by May 1

Star (www.thestar.com.my) reports that come May 1st, there will be a new fuel pricing mechanism..http://tinyurl.com/ygylnee. Lower capacity cars pay less for fuel.

This opens up a great biz opportunity. Get all the Kancil’s, Kenari’s to fill up their tanks to the max at RM 1.80 (even better, get them to install extra fuel tank), buy back half from them at RM 1.90 and sell to the higher capacity car owners at RM 2.00.

Small capacity car owners earn RM 0.10, business men earn RM 0.10 and higher capacity car owners save RM 0.10.

With this one measure, the government gives lower capacity car owners (lower income) an additional source of income, a great business opportunity for entreprenuers and savings for high capacity car owners (higher income)..great move by govt.