Uncategorized · February 19, 2010

Key Categorizer

Will your children grow up to become Catagorizers?

If you surf the net a lot, if you blog a lot, if you transact online a lot…you probably have bumped into these three words quite frequently..keywords – category – tags…

In the online world, to find what you want fast, you need to be familiar with the keywords, categories or related tags of the item/article/object you are searching for.

To properly position your site or your product, you also need to know how to categorize and tag your product.

Without the proper keyword, category or tag, your presence online may not be picked up so quickly by the search engines.

How does categorizing work right now? The easiest way would be to take a peek at a competitors website and see what keywords or tags they are using. Another way is to troll the database of search engines. Or just use an encyclopedia and find the synonyms.

However, in future, there could be humans that are  professionals in categorizing and tagging a product. For ease of reference, i will tag them as Key Catagorizers.

As convergence speeds up, we might find difficulty in categorizing or tagging a product properly. Take for example the newly launched Apple iPad…is it a computer? is it a notebook? is it a bookreader? diary? scheduler? How do you categorize products like these?

Is it important to categorize it properly? Hell, yeah!..if your potential client can’t find it or identify it, how are they going to buy it?

Key Catagorizers will need to be very versatile people. Multilingual Key Catagorizers will be much sought after. Good Key Catagorizers may have a bit of OCD. There will be Key Catagorizers working with design and production teams to ensure that the product gets placed properly online when launched. There will be Key Catagorizers working with search engine companies. There will be Key Catagorizers that specialize in certain fields…engineering, IT, retail, auto etc…Key Catagorize Hall of Famers will be those who have discovered or created a new category or key word or tag…

It will be a big industry.

And i think, i have just become a Hall of Famer for creating the category of “Key Catagorizer”.