Uncategorized · August 8, 2022

Movie Review: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Was recommended to watch this movie and did not have any idea what it was about except for what the title entailed.

It turned out to be an evening well worth it. A feel-good movie where a hard-working domestic cleaner dreams of wearing a Christian Dior dress and achieves her dreams and more.

I guess one of the biggest differences in this “feel-good, achieved my dreams” movie compared to the usual Hollywood ones was the number of people who helped Mrs Harris achieve her dreams. In most Hollywood “achieved my dreams” it is more of an individual journey with people supporting him/her, but the talent and ideas are that person’s and that person’s alone.

Spoilers ahead.

In Mrs Harris’s case, a myriad of characters chipped in for her to achieve her dreams. Starting from Archie who put down 10 quid on a bet to the seamstress and ladies in the back room of Christian Dior.

What I particularly enjoyed was the fashion show. The dresses were exquisite and the models did a wonderful job modeling the dresses. I would have reacted the same way Mrs Harris did if I saw the dress “Temptation”.

Beauty is to be appreciated.