Uncategorized · August 4, 2009

Half Marathon

Signed up for the Singapore Half Marathon on 6th of Dec ‘09.

Furtherest i’ve run is 10 KM..and even that was in a time of 1:38.

Decided to run the half marathon coz 1) have been running for last 4 years and want to achieve something for all those hours on the road 2) want me a medal and 3) kill 2 birds with 1 stone..have family enjoy Singapore while i sweat under the sun.

Did the Borneo marathon last year, but dates this year aren’t good for me. Will target that for next year. If i get through this half marathon, will do the same distance next year for Borneo.

Downloaded a half marathon training program and am into week 2 Day 1. Have not felt 100% since i started on the program. Knee pain and back pain from previous program.

In spite of that, had a great run today and by great i mean 1) felt shitty at the beginning, but as i covered the distance, pace went faster and mind was focused 2) finished my whold 5K in 34 min…sub 7 min per KM which is an achievement for me…

Looking forward to Thursday for Moderate Run and Sunday’s long run.