Health · October 11, 2022

Heart Health follow up Oct 2022

Had my regular follow-up with Dr. Rowland at KPJ today.

Been having bouts of shortness of breath and difficulty in upping my cardio. So I was a bit worried going into this follow-up.

As usual, it started the night before when I had to fast for the morning blood test. Went to give my blood and urine sample in the morning and then waited for my appointment with Dr. Rowland at 230 pm.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. All blood parameters were good. Cholesterol, kidney function, etc were within acceptable parameters. Blood pressure was 120/70.

After getting the good news I shared with the Dr about my bouts of shortness of breath. Based on my story of putting on weight due to overeating while Liyana was here, Dr. Rowland suggested that I focus on losing weight first and see if that can help alleviate the shortness of breath.

We could also do a stress test on the treadmill if I was worried and/or if the shortness of breath continued.

Since the blood test was ok, we decided to monitor the situation and focus on weight reduction for now,

Next visit in 4 months.