Blog · August 16, 2022

Fish Tales Part 2

After my post on the 11th about my experience at an unnamed restaurant, I was so touched by all of your concerns. Some suggested that I had been scammed, some asked what happened after that and some even asked if I was still waiting.

Well here is an update of what happened after I made that post.

Apparently, the cashier saw my post and came up to me and said I was mistaken and accused me of trying to portray the restaurant in a bad light.

The cashier asked the waiter to bring me into the kitchen to see all the work that had been done. Seeing is Believing, I suppose.

Not wanting to make a fuss, I followed the waiter to the kitchen. He introduced me to the chef who then pointed out the marinated fish waiting to be fried and the chopped-up vegetables for my 5 side dishes.

IMHO, the chopped-up vegetables seemed to have turned a color probably due to oxidation and being left outside for a while.

The waiter then said to me “As you can see, your money has not been wasted. All the ingredients are here. Your post is misleading.”

I said I can see that, but the agreement was after I paid, I would get my fish and 5 dishes within a reasonable time frame. What good would ordering lunch be if I only received it for breakfast tomorrow? By then my tastes and need for nutrition may have changed.

I then turned to the chef and asked, if all the ingredients are here, why couldn’t he just proceed and cook it for me…without thinking he blurted out that they had run out of money to buy cooking oil.

They were waiting for another sucker (err I mean customer) to come in and use that customer’s funds to buy oil and complete my meal.

The waiter and cashier quickly took back control of the conversation and said since I could see all the ingredients laid out, that it was clearly not a scam, and that I should retract my post.

What do you all think? Since I can see with my very own eyes all the ingredients laid out, albeit in pieces, chopped up here and there, should I be hopeful and wait still or cut my losses?