April 17, 2022

Read: Sea of Tranquility (Emily St. John Mandel)

Are we living in a simulation? Is it like the Matrix? And if so, is there a key maker or a way to bend the world to my will? Intrigued by this question and the simulation hypothesis which posits that all of existence is an artificial simulation, such as a computer simulation, I was led to this book. Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John. This is my first exposure to...

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February 17, 2022

Read: Pachinko (Min Jin Lee)

Hanaa received this book as a birthday present from her friend Tshi Ven and Hanaa then invited me to read the book so that we could discuss the storyline together. Having no preconceived notion or expectation of the book, I began to read it and was quickly caught up in the lives of Hoonie, Yangjin, Sunja and life in Korea during the Manchurian war. I really enjoyed the storytelling, the development...

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December 23, 2018

Read: The Checklist Manifesto

I picked up this book based on an Amazon “you might like this book” recommendation while searching for books to read. I did wonder how the author, Atul Gawande, would weave a story about the simple checklist into a full-blown book. I mean checklists are everywhere, simple to create and even simpler to forget. By relating the many stories about the medical profession, the book kept me interested enough to keep...

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