Uncategorized · September 7, 2009

Week 6 of 17 week program

This week’s training called for an 8KM Temp Run on Tue, 6 KM Easy on Thu and 11KM Long on Sunday.

Well, weather has been bad with the skies pouring rain non-stop during the 1st few days of the week that i only managed to do 3 KM on Tuesday. Then my rythm and mind was elsewhere on Thu and struggled to complete 6 KM..(although i had set a mental goal of 8 KM to compensate for Tue).

Then I started well for the Sunday run but had to stop at the beginning of the 10th KM as the strong winds started up and it started to rain.

Although i would have liked to have completed the long run, and the tuesday tempo run, i have to accept that during this Ramadan period, as i can only run in the evening to night, there are some things that are beyond my control.

i.e. the conditions at night and my general health

Conditions at night – well if it rains, then that’s it. No run that night. Unlike during non ramadan time where i have the option of a morning run, noon run (in the gym) and an evening run, with ramadan, i only have one time window

General health – as i only fuel once a day (i dont wake up for sahur as the interruption in sleep cycle is worse than feeling hugry), i do monitor my general health during the run more and avoid pushing too hard, just in case i cause an injury that will take longer to heal and set me back more in my training.

I guess the best word i can think of now is Let it Be..if it rains it rains, if i don’t feel strong enough to complete the run that day, don’t