Uncategorized · April 29, 2010


After being married 20 years and since we speak to the public on Communication, you’d think that my wife and I communicate very well.

Well, let me let you in on a secret. I communicate well with her, but when I ask her something, her answers are not what is the standard norm, so I get somewhat frustrated.

For example, this morning, on our way to the stadium to do our run, I ask her, “How many rounds are you going to do today?”, She says “Oh. I forgot to bring water.”…Huh?…. A few weeks ago, I ask her, “What time will you be back from your meeting?”, she says “Oh, after the meeting i have to go <name of place> and see <name of person>”… Huh?

When I went to school, I was taught that when a question begins with “How many”, then the answer should at least have a number in it. When a question begins with “What time..” then it would be normal to find a “..o’clock” in the answer. Obviously my dear wife went to a different school.

I asked her once, why she found it difficult to answer my question in a straightforward manner. Like we were taught in school. You know, like “Is that a book”. “Yes, that is a book”. Not “Is that a book”, “They’ve made it into a movie starring Julia Roberts, oh, I just can’t wait to watch it…”..Huh?….She said that, she answers in this manner as it is a shortcut and I can get the information faster. …Huh?

Looks like its going to be another 20 years more for us to improve our communication or at least until I lose my hearing (Huh?)… whichever comes first.