Uncategorized · June 16, 2010

Best solution at the moment

Well it’s only another 9 days to my most recent WISLAGIATT (well it seemed like a good idea at that time)…the Standard Chartered KL Marathon…!

And as is usual where my running is concerned…I am so not ready.

I will of course blame my work schedule…”hey,I just finished conducting training at a 2 day 1 night family camp”…the weather…”hey, it rains every afternoon”… (doesn’t matter that I run in the mornings)…

Yes, those are the reasons why I am not ready…work and weather, not because I didn’t think it through before i decided to sign up…it is not because it was another WISLAGIATT…! Hell no! I am smarter than that…

After a long break, I hit the track this morning and managed to complete an amazing 3000 m…or 3 km (the 3 km seemed far when written as 3000 m, right?). However, in relation to the half marathon race which I signed up for, 3 km is only 1/7th of the distance. How am I going to be able to ramp up my running to cover the remaining 18 km.

The only solution that has presented itself to me so far is…hard work and pain. I am resolved to run 5 km everyday from tomorrow until 2 days before the marathon. This seems to be the best solution at the moment.

So,next time you are faced with a decision or choice to make, try and make sure it isn’t going to turn out to be a WISLSGIATT! Take it from me, there are no good ideas at that time.

Thank god for “best solutions at the moment.”